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About Grace and Lagom

Grace & Lagom

Grace & Lagom specializes in affordable printable wall art inspired by the same muted tones, minimalist, and monochromatic elements that characterizes Scandinavian Design.


My hope is to elevate your environment, whether that be your home, workplace, shop, or school by making your wall art. What you choose to decorate your space with should surround you with inspiration and a sense of hygge!

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How It Began

2019 was a crazy one for us to say the least. We completely renovated our kitchen, found out I was pregnant, listed our house and sold it in 3 days, moved in with Kevin’s parents, bought a new house, renovated the entire home while I was 8-9 months pregnant, (finally) moved in, and had our little girl!

It shouldn’t be a surprise that my two focus words for 2020 have been “less” and “balance.” ⁠⠀
Welp, COVID has sure helped with the “less” side of things for sure haha and I have found in my life that with less, naturally comes more balance. ⁠⠀
Sure, social distancing for months on end is a bit of an extreme version of “less”. However, I really hope that through this time, more people find balance between work and home, understand that its okay to not be on the run every day, and that being home really can be your happy place. ⁠⠀
With a new baby and working full time from home, I began to realize that I was craving a creative outlet. I began doodling on my iPad and delving into illustrator after the baby was down for the night and long story short, that’s how Grace & Lagom was born!⁠⠀


Not only do I find the definitions of all the variations of this word as a noun beautiful, it also happens to be my Great Grandmother’s name, my mom and sister’s middle name, and my daughter’s middle name.


(lah-gohm) This is a Swedish word that doesn’t have a direct English word equivalent. It means not too much or too little; doing, being, or having just enough… in other words: balance.⁠⠀

Questions & Custom Requests

Do you see a design you love but would love it even more if you could put your own touch on it? Or do you have a more general question in mind? Let’s talk. Fill out the form below to connect!

  • If you would like to request customization to a design, please include the name of the design, a link to the product, and a brief description about what you're looking for.

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Simple and beautiful. I was having issues with printing and Amanda promptly got back to me and sent me a separate file to make it easier for me. Highly recommend this seller!


Simple, but elegant. It goes perfect with the rest of my new room decor & it printed beautifully.


Lovely design…printed beautifully -love it!


Easy to print, looks exactly like picture.


Print at home card was so easy and so helpful during the quarantine!


Thank you! quick download, looks great!


This came out even better than I thought it would! Thank u for having this shop open